Who We Are

DYO Lighting
In line with our ongoing commitment to becoming the world’s leading provider of high quality and efficient alternative energy products, DYO Lighting is a major component of the Soymet Total Energy Solutions Package. DYO Lighting’s extensive supply chain includes some of the world’s largest LED component manufacturers, leading to our rapid growth within the LED industry. We look forward to partnering with both public and private entities to provide LED Solutions that can result in energy savings of up to 80%.

-Family Owned, U.S. based business
-Municipalities, Industrial, Commercial LED Solutions
-Energy Infrastructure Investment (EII) capabilities to finance certain projects

Marla Evans Rogers , President of DYO Lighting, has been involved with the business since it’s inception in 2014. Both she and her brother, Lindsey Evans, represent the third generation of the Evans family business, started by her Grandfather over 50 years ago. After graduating from Darlington School she moved to Tuscaloosa, AL to attend the University of Alabama. While always keeping one foot in the family business, she put her own career on hold to focus on her family and raise her young children. As her children got settled in school she started her own business in 2012 and bought a personal training facility that she grew to it’s potential and sold. After selling her business she relocated back to Rome, GA to help her brother expand the family business into LED lighting. As the mother of two children, she has always been very involved in community school board and PTA projects, most notably are a program for underprivileged children and a public school literacy project, she organized, funded and coordinated volunteers. In her current role as President of DYO Lighting, she oversees all components of the business from supply chain management to distribution. She is committed to saving money for our customers through reducing their energy costs.